Frequently Asked Questions

What is Best Ride?

Best Ride is a comparison of rideshares services. In one simple app we enable you to compare pricing and other information to help you to book the best ride. Our system is designed to help provide full transparency on available pricing so our users always get to see the best priced ride. As Best Ride will save you in many ways, we offer two app versions- a totally free version with unlimited usage… just watch a short advert; or an advert free version for a nominal monthly subscription. However, when you book a ride, you pay the same price as the booking is made with the rideshare service that you choose.

Do I get any free searches?

Yes – for all users who download the Standard version, you will receive unlimited searches absolutely free.

Does it work in every city?

As there are many rideshares services globally, Best Ride has been launched initially in all major cities in Australia; later, the world! Please be patient as we will be in your city soon. As we try to include ALL ride share services, please check in your city first.

What is the cost to use Best Ride?

There is no cost of a search to search with our Standard version. The advert free version currently has a nominal monthly cost which miniscule compared to the savings it can show. This regular monthly subscription may vary between countries but is always a nominal amount; Australia $5.99, UK 80p, EU €1.00, BRL 3.99, ARG $59.00, CLP 750, US $0.99, INR 199, IDR 24,900, MYR 3.99. These are approximate costs, but you will always save much more than this when you use the Best Ride app.

Can I buy a monthly subscription?

Yes, as a regular user, you will receive an advert FREE version which also allows unlimited number of searches.

When will my credit card be charged?

When you purchase a monthly subscription. This subscription is debited every month until you decide to cancel. We will remind you prior to a monthly charge.

What about refunds?

The Best Ride app is effectively a search engine that provides information. Monthly subscription charges are billed at the beginning of every month, you will then receive unlimited searches for the following month. There is no refund if you then decide not to use any rideshare services.

Why is there a price variance between the ride share services?

Many rideshare companies offer personalized pricing as well as discounts in a very competitive area. Best Ride helps you to compare up to date pricing as our algorithm estimates a timely pricing range. All ride share services vary their pricing depending on time of day, your location and the supply and demand of their drivers. Best Ride will show you a side by side comparison for an easy choice.

Does Best Ride work in other countries?

Best Ride is currently optimized for Australia/NZ; we have tried to include ALL major rideshare services within our app. We are rolling out Best Ride to cover as many major cities as soon as we can. Later we will add Europe, South America and South East Asia.

Is my account linked to any ride share service?

Only to those that you use. You will have a Best Ride profile which includes your account when you sign up with us. It only takes just a few seconds and you only need to do it once. After that, you only need to open the Best Ride app as your one-stop-app.

Do I need to download multiple ride share apps before I can use Best Ride?

No – Best Ride has been specifically designed to make your life easier. Best Ride will show comparative estimated pricing for the available ride share services at your location, if you choose to use a service that you do not have the app for, Best Ride will then take you to that service’s download page. If you never use a service, you do not need to download their app.

Does Best Ride work with scooters and bikes?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

I have a regular ride share app, why should I use Best Ride?

Until you start comparing and see what others have to offer you’d be surprised just how much time and money you are wasting by just using one service. You can still use your regular ride share service at the price they would normally charge you. However Best Ride gives you more options and the ability to know you’re getting the best ride at that time, for you.

Is my data secure?

Yes – We use the latest encryption technologies and do not store credit card details on unsecure, unencrypted servers. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I get Best Ride on my phone?

Best Ride is available on both iOS and Android devices. Follow the download links on the homepage or visit your app store for Android or Apple devices. Once you download, simply follow the setup instructions and you can be comparing prices in a moment. You can also visit our web site to download for Android devices.

What benefit is there in using Best Ride versus downloading multiple apps?

Best Ride can be your window to ALL your ride share needs. You can quickly and more easily compare ride services within our app in real-time. A lot more convenient than trying to open multiple apps and noting a variety of prices to compare? It takes much longer. Simply use Best Ride to help you decide which ride is best for you at that time and location then enables you to make that choice quickly.

Will I pay more for using Best Ride compared to booking directly on each app?

No – when a user of Best Ride wants to book a ride, the Best Ride app directs you to that ride share service’s booking page, you then pay the same price as you would pay if they were to book directly with that ride share service.

Are there discounts available for the Subscription version?

Yes – if you are a member of a group, club or organisation that is a Best Ride partner, just enter the Special Code number when you first download the app, to receive the discount on your monthly subscription.